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Properties for Sale on May 14, 2024


2019 CV 85Fifth Third Bank, etc vs. John Randall, Jr., et al. Property located at 1750 South Heights Avenue Youngstown, Ohio 44502. PP No. 53-069-0-107.000. Appraised at $84,000.00. By: R R HOOSE, Akron atty.


2020 CV 479Wilmington Svgs Fund Society, etc vs. William J. Brown, et al. Property located at 131 Struthers Coitsville Road Lowellville, Ohio 44436. PP No. 42-046-0-021.000. Appraised at $147,000.00. By: J. M. RITCH, Columbus atty.


2021 CV 1207Trinity Fin Services LLC vs. Amato Dapolito, et al. Property located at 5419 West Rockwell Road Austintown, Ohio 44515. PP No. 48-030-0-029.000. Appraised at $106,000.00. By: E L FORNASH, Dayton atty.


2022 CV 2287Seven Seventeen Credit Union Inc vs. Sharon L. Matesevac in her capacity as Exec of Est of Patrick Dyce, et al. Property located at 368 Maryknoll Avenue Campbell, Ohio 44405. PP Nos. 46-015-0-028.000 and 46-015-0-027.000. Appraised at $93,000.00. By: J D DATCHUK, Warren atty.


2023 CV 1079Huntington Natl Bank vs. Nicholas M. Burns, et al. Property located at 250 S Osborn Avenue Youngstown, Ohio 44509. PP No. 53-165-0-019.000. Appraised at $83,000.00. By: W L COSTELLO, Cleveland atty.


2023 CV 1085US Bank Trust Natl Assn vs. Unk Admr, etc of Barbara Ann Cooper, et al. Property located at 64 E. Earl Avenue Youngstown, Ohio 44507. PP No. 53-121-0-017.000. Appraised at $43,000.00. By: C L SARESKY, Ft. Mitchell atty.


2023 CV 1405UMB Bank Natl Assoc, etc vs. Unk Heirs, etc of Marlane E. Lacey nka, Decd, et al. Property located at 328 West Delason Avenue Youngstown, Ohio 44511. PP No. 53-057-0-385.000. Appraised at $36,000.00. By: M J KATZ, Cleveland atty.