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Oklahoma's superintendent orders public schools to teach the Bible – relying on controversial views about religious freedom

(THE CONVERSATION) In the days since Oklahoma's state superintendent, Ryan Walters, ordered school districts to teach the Bible, he's been defending his mandate.
For example, he claimed in an interview on NewsNation that the Bible had "been removed from classrooms, and we're saying, listen, we're proud to be the first state ... (full story)

Unregulated online political ads pose a threat to democracy

(THE CONVERSATION) Think back to the last time you scrolled through your social media feed and encountered a political ad that perfectly aligned with your views – or perhaps one that outraged you. Could you tell if it was from a legitimate campaign, a shadowy political action committee or even a foreign entity? Could you disce ... (full story)


Government power in the US is a swirl of checks and balances, as a recent Supreme Court ruling shows

NEW YORK (AP) — The delegates at the 1787 Constitutional Convention were trying to create a new governing framework for the fledging United States of America. They knew they needed SOMEONE to be at the helm of the federal government.
Someone had to be in position to see that the laws legislated by Congress "be faithfu ... (full story)

An Alaska tourist spot will vote whether to ban cruise ships on Saturdays to give locals a break

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Each year, a crush of tourists arrives in Alaska's capital city on cruise ships to see wonders like the fast-diminishing Mendenhall Glacier. Now, long-simmering tensions over Juneau's tourism boom are coming to a head over a new voter initiative aimed at giving residents a respite from the influx.
A m ... (full story)