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Retired Judge Patricia Cosgrove receives St. Thomas More Award

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As a young girl growing up in Akron, Patricia A. Cosgrove knew she wanted to be a lawyer and her passion for the law only increased with age.
“It seemed to me that the law provided a wonderful opportunity to help people and change lives,” she said.
“When I was a student at St. Mary High School, the nun ask ... (full story)

America's first board game can teach about aspirations of a young nation

(THE CONVERSATION) Board games are booming: In 2023 alone, the industry topped US$16.8 billion and is projected to reach $40.1 billion by 2032.
Classics like "Scrabble" are being refreshed and transformed, while newer inventions such as "Pandemic" and "Wingspan" have garnered millions of devotees.(full story)

Communities become 'sponge cities' as climate change amplifies urban flooding

(THE CONVERSATION) "When it rains, it pours" once was a metaphor for bad things happening in clusters. Now it's becoming a statement of fact about rainfall in a changing climate.
Across the continental U.S., intense single-day precipitation events are growing more frequent, fueled by warming air that can hold increasin ... (full story)

Meet 7th District Court of Appeals Judge Katelyn Dickey

She served as a magistrate and a judge in the lower courts, now Judge Katelyn Dickey has taken the bench at the 7th District Court of Appeals.
“I am very excited and honored by this opportunity,” said Judge Dickey, who started on April 10. “I have a unique background with experience in several areas of the law. ... (full story)

US drone warfare faces questions of legitimacy, study of military chaplains shows

(THE CONVERSATION) Are drone strikes legitimate, meaning on sound moral and legal footing? How people perceive the legitimacy of U.S. drone strikes – firing missiles from remotely piloted aircraft at terrorist and insurgent leaders – is central to whether and how the government can continue to use them.
The American ... (full story)