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Vaccine rollout hits snag as health workers balk at shots

<span style=Vaccine rollout hits snag as health workers balk at shots" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

The desperately awaited vaccination drive against the coronavirus in the U.S. is running into resistance from an unlikely quarter: Surprising numbers of health care workers who have seen firsthand the death and misery inflicted by COVID-19 are refusing shots.
It is happening in nursing homes and, to a lesser degree, in hospitals ... (full story)

Ohio unveils limited plan to pay relatives caring for kids

<span style=Ohio unveils limited plan to pay relatives caring for kids" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

COLUMBUS (AP) — Advocates for Ohio adults caring for related children in their custody insist a new law that raises payments for such caregivers doesn't go far enough, signaling that achievement of a solution that satisfies all parties isn't yet in hand.
At issue are relatives who aren't licensed caregivers but are approve ... (full story)

One-third of America's rivers have changed color since 1984

America's rivers are changing color — and people are behind many of the shifts, a new study said.
One-third of the tens of thousands of mile-long (two kilometer-long) river segments in the United States have noticeably shifted color in satellite images since 1984. That includes 11,629 miles (18,715 kilometers) that became ... (full story)

Ohio governor: Occupation of US Capitol an 'embarrassment'

COLUMBUS (AP) — Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine last week called the occupation of the U.S. Capitol an "embarrassment" that runs counter to actions in a nation of laws. He was joined by several other state leaders in condemning the violence.
DeWine, a Republican, said the final step in the constitutional process of electin ... (full story)

Law against carrying gun while intoxicated ruled constitutional

he Ohio Supreme Court recently upheld the conviction of a Clermont County man for holding a shotgun in his home while intoxicated.
A divided Supreme Court ruled that Ohio’s law prohibiting carrying or using a firearm “while under the influence of alcohol or any drug of abuse” does not violate the Second Amendme ... (full story)