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Akron Muni Judge Cook shares view on human trafficking

In my role as a judge on the Akron Municipal Court and as a longtime proud resident of Akron, I am deeply alarmed by the unsettling statistics surrounding the crime of human trafficking and its prevalence in our own community. Specifically, I am concerned about the safety of our children and am writing today in order to urge citize ... (full story)

De-Escalating after Dallas and Baton Rouge

The original plan for this week’s column was to run part 2 of the last column’s discussion of preferential voting. That second part will run, but the events of the last week demand a timely response.
As I write this column, we are still learning the details of a second ambush of police officers, this one in Baton Roug ... (full story)

Ohio's Kasich urges working together at NAACP convention

Ohio's Kasich urges working together at NAACP convention

CINCINNATI (AP) — Ohio Gov. John Kasich condemned the slayings of police officers Sunday while urging that people work together for healing in a speech sprinkled with biblical references at the NAACP national convention.
Three officers were killed earlier Sunday in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in the latest violence involving po ... (full story)