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County Executive discusses plans to improve the community

County Executive discusses plans to improve the community<BR>

She’s been a salesperson, business owner, consultant, county council president and community advocate, all roles that Ilene Shapiro said prepared her for her responsibilities as Summit County Executive.
Shapiro, who was appointed last year by the Democratic Central Committee to fill the final five months of the late County ... (full story)


Supreme Court of Ohio: Powell wins zoning ordinance ballot dispute

The Ohio Supreme Court recently rejected an effort to compel the Powell City Council to place a referendum regarding a zoning ordinance on the May 2017 ballot.
In a per curiam opinion, the high court unanimously held that Eric Ebersole, who sought the writ of mandamus that would have compelled the city to take the zoning issue to ... (full story)

Contenders crowd potential 2018 political field in Ohio

Contenders crowd potential 2018 political field in Ohio

COLUMBUS (AP) — In the timeline of politics, Ohio's next statewide election is just around the corner.
For Republicans, that means working to avert a collision in 2018 among three high-profile gubernatorial hopefuls. For out-of-power Democrats, the challenge is to find any available candidate with the political clout and st ... (full story)

Ohio lawmaker seeks ban on suspending young students

COLUMBUS (AP) — An Ohio lawmaker said she was stunned to learn that thousands of elementary students are suspended for disobedience or disruptions each school year and plans to introduce legislation that would ban such punishment except in cases where a student threatens to harm.
State Sen. Peggy Lehner, a Kettering Republi ... (full story)

Lawmakers act to nix impact of Ohio court ruling on cocaine

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — Ohio lawmakers are quickly pushing through legislation to override a state Supreme Court decision prosecutors fear could delay and shorten sentences for suspects caught with cocaine.
The proposal seeks to negate a December ruling that says sentences must be based on how much pure cocaine the drug offende ... (full story)

Kasich wants Ohio teachers to complete business externships

COLUMBUS (AP) — A provision in Gov. John Kasich's budget proposal would require Ohio teachers to complete externships with a local business as part of the license renewal process that generally occurs every five years.
Kasich believes that too many high school graduates are pursuing expensive college degrees that don't prep ... (full story)

Proposed bill would update protections for state workers

The Cincinnati Republican lawmaker who championed changes to the state's civil rights laws pertaining to employment during the previous session of the Ohio Legislature has resurrected effort in House Bill 2.
Rep. Bill Seitz introduced earlier this month the measure which would bring in line the state's employment civil rights pro ... (full story)

They're not dentists. Would you let them fill your cavities?

They're not dentists. Would you let them fill your cavities?

BOSTON (AP) — Need a tooth pulled or a cavity filled? Forget the dentist. A number of states are allowing or considering letting "dental therapists," professionals with a lower level of training, do the job.
In dozens of countries and a handful of U.S. states, dental therapists also sometimes called advanced denta ... (full story)


ABA lists 2016’s top blawgs

The ABA tracks about 4,000 legal blogs, or “blawgs,” and puts out a list of the best of them every year.
Here are a few of those. I can’t provide links, so you’ll have to google them.
First, an interesting note. Only two of these are actually posted within a law firm’s website. The rest are indepe ... (full story)