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From printing to the future

Dear Mr. Berko: In January 2013, I had a $2,050 cash balance in my individual retirement account from a preferred stock that was partially called away. So I bought 200 shares of RR Donnelley at $8.75 because I used to work for that company in Chicago when I was in high school in the 1960s, because I myself am in the printing busine ... (full story)

Proposal would give restaurants a tax break for food donations

The Ohio Restaurant Association has endorsed a bill that would create a refundable income tax or commercial activity tax credit for a business that donates food inventory to charitable organizations.
The refund would be equal to a percentage of a federal income tax deduction taken by the business for the same donation.
&ldquo ... (full story)

Cristo Rey school equips students with iPads and opportunity

Last year Columbus became home to one of 28 Cristo Rey private Catholic schools across the country.
For a short period, the school made its home in a temporary Franklinton building of barely 8,000 square feet.
Recently, however, the school held a garden party to celebrate the completion of renovations on their new, permanent ... (full story)


11th District rejects Intoxilyzer 8000 challenge in vehicular homicide case

Trial counsel was not ineffective for failing to challenge results from the Intoxilyzer 8000 in a fatal drunk driving case, the 11th District Court of Appeals recently ruled.
Karin L. Love pled no contest to aggravated vehicular homicide and two counts of OVI in May 2013. She was sentenced to six years in prison by an Ashtabula ... (full story)


Fire exposes illegal Chinese factories in Italy

Fire exposes illegal Chinese factories in Italy

PRATO, Italy (AP) — The first thing the firefighters saw was the arm sticking out of the barred window on the second floor of the factory. Flames reached through the partially collapsed roof and a high column of smoke darkened the winter sky. This fire had been burning for some time.
The fire station is two minutes from th ... (full story)


Testimony from alleged rape victim tossed after medical records not provided

The 4rth District Court of Appeals recently affirmed a lower court’s decision to exclude testimony from the alleged victim in a man’s rape case.
The Ross County Common Pleas Court imposed a sanction excluding testimony from a girl who claimed to have been raped multiple times by the same man starting when she was jus ... (full story)

Bill calls for new written reports following police shootings

Rep. Peter Beck, R-Mason, introduced a bill into the Ohio General Assembly this week that would require law enforcement agencies to submit a written report to the Ohio Department of Public Safety regarding the death of any person who is shot by law enforcement officers.
House Bill 630 also would require all law enforcement offic ... (full story)

Mandatory opioid abuse education in schools sought

State Reps. Robert Sprague and Denise Driehaus have collaborated on a bipartisan bill designed to educate students about opiate addiction.
House Bill 367, one of several measures introduced this legislative session focused on curbing Ohio’s opioid epidemic, would require each school district to include instruction in presc ... (full story)

Convictions stand for man who robbed victim near downtown COTA stop

In an opinion released recently, the 10th District Court of Appeals affirmed convictions for a man found guilty of committing an aggravated robbery near a COTA stop in downtown Columbus.
The three-judge appellate panel affirmed the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas ruling that convicted Iramac Martin of aggravated robbery an ... (full story)

Man who raped neighborhood girl loses appeal

The 2nd District Court of Appeals recently released an opinion affirming the judgment of the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas in a rape case.
The defendant, Thomas Zimpfer, appealed his conviction and sentence for three counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor and four counts of rape by force or threat of force.
... (full story)

Officials stress risk of Ebola is low in Ohio

Officials stress risk of Ebola is low in Ohio

AKRON, Ohio (AP) — Ohio officials have stressed that the risk of contracting Ebola in the state is slim and reminded the public that the Texas nurse who recently visited Ohio before being diagnosed with the virus was showing no symptoms during her visit.
State and local officials sought to ward off any public panic Wednesd ... (full story)

Jerry Springer hits the road for Ohio candidate

Jerry Springer hits the road for Ohio candidate

COLUMBUS (AP) — An election fight is nothing compared with what Jerry Springer sees in his day job.
The former Cincinnati mayor now makes his money as the ringmaster of a pugilistic talk show circus, but he says it's the exchange of political ideas that excites him most.
Springer — once named "Democrat of the ... (full story)