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Acupuncture helps Ohio addicts on road to recovery

CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio (AP) — As the man with the handful of tiny needles moved closer, Sarah Downs' nervousness grew with his every step. She rocked back and forth in her plastic chair. She fidgeted. She bounced a leg.
She was there in the meeting room of the Pickaway Area Recovery Services (PARS) voluntarily, yet she still was ... (full story)

SBA partners with veterans employment program

The U.S. Small Business Administration announced this week a partnership with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to give service members access to self-employment assistance to kickstart any untapped entrepreneurial spirit in the ranks of American heroes.
The agreement with the VA's Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment p ... (full story)

OSU researchers: New pig virus potential threat to humans

A pig virus that in a lab setting can infect the cultured cells of people, in addition to other species, is the subject of a new Ohio State University-Utrecht University study focussing on intraspecial transmission.
Published online in the journal PNAS, the study resulted in a discovery, raising concerns about the potential for o ... (full story)

Is iRobot a good buy?

Dear Mr. Berko: Almost a year ago, we bought our first home, which has an enclosed pool. We never expected that a pool would require so much work. After months of cleaning it, we decided to buy a pool cleaner. We bought one from our neighborhood hardware store, and it works like a charm. We're delighted with it, and it saves my wife ... (full story)


Lawyers taking to Youngstown streets to help residents with legal problems

“We had developed a reputation as an organization that just says no to people,” Executive Director Steven McGarrity said. “Legal Aid for a long time has not been focused on going out into the community. We sort of waited in our offices for the phone to ring.”
Over the past year, attorneys with the nonprofi ... (full story)


Ohio killer says he can't afford shoes thanks to court costs

Ohio killer says he can't afford shoes thanks to court costs

COLUMBUS (AP) — Court-ordered costs owed by a death row inmate who killed his girlfriend and her 83-year-old father are keeping the prisoner so poor he can't afford basics like shoes or boots, civil rights lawyers say.
While condemned prisoner David Braden earns $16 a month in inmate pay, he is allowed to keep a maximum of ... (full story)

A fourth-grade teacher, a donor and 'an angel on earth'

A fourth-grade teacher, a donor and 'an angel on earth'

REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio (AP) — Eva Evans is 10 years old and desperately needs a new kidney to live a normal life. Mrs. Thomas, a smiling fourth-grade teacher at Eva's school, wants to give her one.
They barely knew each other before. Eva was in a different fourth-grade room down the hall. Tanya Thomas, 48, had spent half her li ... (full story)

US Sen. Sherrod Brown opens re-election bid with attack

COLUMBUS (AP) — Democratic U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown opened his fall re-election bid Friday with an attack against his Republican rival, U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci over the congressman's period as a registered lobbyist.
Renacci, 59, a businessman and former Wadsworth mayor, won the backing of President Donald Trump in the GOP prim ... (full story)

Bond issue proposed to attack toxic algae blooms

A pair of state lawmakers whose districts abut Lake Erie recently proposed a solution to the dangerous algae blooms that take over swaths of the state's Great Lake each summer.
A statewide bond issue is the prominent feature of the Clean Lake 2020 Plan, championed by Reps. John Patterson, D-Jefferson, and Steve Arndt, R-Port Clin ... (full story)

Ohio Supreme Court affirms death sentence for teen’s murderer

The Ohio Supreme Court took into account the fact that a man who plotted to rob and kill a childhood friend had just turned 19 years old at the time of the murder, but that was not enough to reverse the death penalty he received from a Warren County court.
The Supreme Court unanimously affirmed the 2014 death sentence of Austin M ... (full story)